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The future of digital identity is here

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Log in and sign up securely across the web


Enterprise use

Enterprises, Institutions and Government

Contact us for consultative analysis of your branding, community building, and cybersecurity needs. We start with a free session to hear the problems you face or the opportunities you want to uncover. You will meet with the senior leaders and they will be with you every step of the way. Whether for a unique rewards program or to ensure your web3 wallet strategy is sound, we can advise and execute using our proprietary methodologies, platform and support services.

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One solution. Multiple profiles.

Why share the same data with a dating service and financial app? Auth allows you to create multiple profiles to fit the websites and apps people are signing in to.
Enhanced protection. Simply delivered.
No need for a tech degree to protect your digital identity. Select flexible options for private key recovery. Simply packaged to enhance protection.

MC5 brings a unique multichannel (MC) approach to the convergence of the Internet (Web2+3 = 5)

48% of consumers stop using services after a data breach. As a result, companies suffer from the loss of profit and long-term reputation damage.

The recent data breaches from digital giants only fueled the overall decline of consumer trust.
For 86% data protection is a priority when choosing online services.

With 50 bln connected things in 2025 the major challenge is how to uniquely identify and interconnect the myriads of people, devices and data resources

Our product suite


The world’s first branded,
enterprise wide, top-level
domain name, identity
verification, and transaction validation solution


The world’s only enterprise focused decentralized DNS platform with custom and self-directed options


Automatic Data Vault
Storage options using
Filecoin and StorX solution


Custom App development
for enterprises to effectively
launch decentralized initiatives


Seasoned and professional
consulting services to
ensure digital transformation is successful

Ideal for securing identity verification and activity validation for brands, banks, wallets, universities, medical records, corporate logins, and other use cases.

Your use case is our problem.

We are constantly updating our feature set as clients bring more use cases to us. Let us help you solve your problem.

Rewards Program

Consulting led to the ground-breaking direction to launch the .bold top-level domain and allow account holders to personalize their account number. Additional build-out is bringing tokenized rewards and usage.

NFT Exchange

The client wanted to enable a custom decentralized top-level domain (dTLD) and link it to their NFT Exchange. MC5 created  the .qie dTLD and domain acquisition platform using the QI Blockchain. Through consulting and custom integrations, our teams continue to work on further buildouts.

A Worthy Cause

The non-profit Vetcoin Foundation is bringing a vast array of support services to the veterans of the world. MC5 built a custom platform around the .vets dTLD. This will form a basis of identity for gaming and other uses within the Vetcoin ecosystem.

Why Identity Matters

Identity today is way
too vulnerable

Vulnerable and without the best way to validate actions. From logging in to a website or application to crypto wallet public key alias’, our work makes digital identities more secure.

$77.8 Billion Market By 2031

According to a September 2022 report published by Allied Market Research, the global decentralized identity market generated $156.8 million in 2021, and is projected to reach $77.8 billion by 2031, growing at a compound annual
growth rate (CAGR) of 87.9% from 2022 to 2031.

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I want to integrate MC-Auth, OTP authentication on my website/app

I want MC5 to help me navigate the world of Web3

I want to protect my wallet transfers of crypto and NFT’s by validating transactions on my mobile

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We offer a free consultation to discuss your problem or opportunity. Contact us today and let’s start the discussion toward a Web3 digital transformation.